Finance / Economic Development Committee

Regular Meetings

  • 10 a.m. - 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month
  • Jan 12,26  Feb 9,23  Mar 09,23  Apr 13,27    May 11,25 June 08,22   
    Jul 13,27   Aug 10,24  Sep 14,28   Oct 12,26  Nov 09   Dec 14       
  • Village Hall Conference Room
    2621 N Thatcher Avenue
    River Grove, IL 60171


  • Trustee Michele M. Obaya, Chair
  • Trustee Lynn M. Bjorvik
  • Mark Lucas, Engineer
  • Bart Smith, Legal Counsel


The mission of the Finance Department is to:

  • Always be fiscally and financially responsible to the stakeholders of our community
  • Maintain a suitable accounting system
  • Utilize reporting tools that aid and support department-level operations
  • Accurately manage and report the financial position of the Village


The Village’s Finance Department is responsible for:

  • Preparing the annual budget
  • Overseeing purchases and assisting in audit preparation and compliance
  • Prepare and distribute regular financial reports to the President and Village Board


The Finance Department is committed to excellence, integrity and dedication in providing timely, accurate, clear and complete information on behalf of the Village.