Board of Local Improvements

Regular Meetings

Meetings are scheduled as necessary


  • President David B. Guerin
  • Trustee Tracy D. Aller
  • Trustee Lynn M. Bjorvik
  • Trustee Michael L. Konwinski
  • Trustee Michele M. Obaya
  • Trustee Roger V. Sewell
  • Trustee Robert "Bobby" C. Thomas


The Board of Local Improvements oversees local improvements and the funds generated for local improvements or remaining after approved projects are completed. By ordinance, the President and members of the Board of Trustees are the appointed members of the Board of Local Improvements. This board meets when necessary to address a local improvement funded by general revenue, though meetings are not as common today since most local improvements are made with federal, state and county grant money, and the improvements and funding, therefore, are regulated and monitored pursuant to a grant agreement or policy.