Pet Tag Application

Any person owning, within the village limits, any dog four months of age or over, or any cat four months of age or older, must obtain a license for each animal within ten days of acquiring such animal or becoming a resident of the village.


Owners need to fill out and file a Pet Tag Application (PDF) for each animal with the River Grove Village Clerk at: 

River Grove Village Hall

2621 N Thatcher

River Grove, IL, 60171

Owners must also pay any applicable fees. The annual license fee shall be $5 for each animal.


A current rabies inoculation certificate for each animal will be required. In addition, a certificate will be required for each cat to be licensed that such cat has been neutered.

Both cats and dogs must wear a collar with the animal license tag for the current year attached at all times the animal is off the premises of the owner.

Pet tag licenses expire on June 30th of each calendar year.

More Information

Additional duties and responsibilities apply to pet owners in the Village of River Grove. Please refer to sections 9-13-1 through 9-13-6 of the Village Code for further information and details.