Boards & Commissions A - L

Beautification Committee

Also known as the Aesthetic Committee, this group was established in 1985 with the goal of beautifying our village. Open to all residents and village employees, this committee organizes a Planting Day each May to add flowers to the Gazebo, Village Hall, our Veterans Memorials in front of the Police Station, and in the planter boxes all along Grand Avenue.

Board of Local Improvements

Comprised of the Village President and the Board of Trustees, the committee meets as necessary to address a local improvement funded by general revenue. This board is responsible for overseeing local improvements and the funds generated for local improvements or remaining after approved local improvement projects are completed.

Ethics Advisory Commission

The Ethics Commission is responsible for overseeing compliance with state ethics laws pertaining to officials, officers and employees of the village. The board consists of three members who are appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the board of trustees, and meets when necessary to address any ethical issues governed by state law.

Fair Housing Review Board

The fair housing review board consists of three members appointed by the president of the village with the advice and consent of the board of trustees. Members serve three-year terms.

The board's duties shall include:

  • Adopting, promulgating, amending and rescinding rules and regulations or procedures for handling complaints of discrimination in housing
  • Receiving and reviewing complaints charging discrimination in housing
  • Conducting hearings and making findings of fact and recommendations on discrimination complaints

Finance / Economic Development Committee

This committee serves to advise the President and Trustees about any and all matters regarding the financial position of the village.

Historical Commission

The Historical Commission works to preserve the history of River Grove and to ensure it is passed down to future generations.

Information Technology Committee

The IT Committee works to assess the technological needs of the village and to provide recommendations, support, and maintenance of those needs.

License & Ordinance Committee

The License and Ordinance Committee is responsible for overseeing the issuing of various types of licenses within the Village. The Committee also reviews and recommends adoption and enforcement of rules and regulations pertaining to these licenses, local ordinances and laws.