Chamber of Commerce

Mayor Guerin, Brian Wilson and Ricardo Braglia cut the ribbon to officially open Stella's Place.

The Grand Corridor Chamber of Commerce
Joins Forces with the Chamber by O’Hare to
Form the “Grand Chamber by O’Hare”.

Elmwood Park/Franklin Park/Leyden Township/Mont Clare/River
Grove/Schiller Park - The Grand Corridor Chamber of Commerce is pleased
to announce that our Chamber of Commerce is embarking on new and
exciting opportunities to promote local business throughout the community.
In order to help bolster an already burgeoning business corridor, the
Chamber has decided to merge with the Chamber by O’Hare and expand our
coverage. Effective January 1, 2023, what was referred to as the “Grand
Corridor Chamber of Commerce” will now be “The Grand Chamber by
O’Hare”. With an expanded coverage area, Chamber members will now
have the ability to utilize the resources and benefits that being a Chamber
member offers to reach a larger audience than ever before.
The Grand Chamber by O’Hare serves the community by promoting, protecting,
encouraging, and developing local business. The Chamber is dedicated to fostering
cooperation and goodwill between businesses, civic organizations, and the
residents in our well-established communities.

More Details Will Be Forthcoming