Reserving a Handicapped Parking Space

  • Residents with a documented handicap or disability may apply for a reserved parking space on the street in front of their homes. No more than one space per home shall be permitted. 

All restricted handicap parking spaces will be reserved on an exclusive basis and may be used only by the qualified disabled person or family for which the parking space was created.

Application Process

  • Residents must fill out the Residential Handicapped Parking Sign Application.
  • The completed application needs to be turned in to the Village Clerk along with:        Documentation of a DMV handicapped license plate or certificate.
     Doctor’s certification that the Requestor’s handicap affects Applicant’s ability to walk or                        walk any significant distance. 
     Doctor’s certification as to the expected length of handicap, if not permanent. 
  • The Village Clerk will forward the request to the Director of Police Service. After reviewing the area in question, the Director of Police Service will submit a written report to the Village Board making a recommendation as to either approving or denying the request. The Board will then either grant or deny the request and if granted, shall by ordinance provide for the establishment of the reserved space specifying the dimensions, location, and time limit for the grant.


Reserved handicapped parking spaces must be renewed no less than once every two years. Renewals will be done in odd-numbered years for odd-numbered addresses and in even-numbered years for even-numbered addresses.

Additional Information

Additional rules and restrictions apply. Please read Ordinance 2017-14 for more information about how this program can assist you.