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NIPAS award plaque and medal Officer Tsagalis accepting NIPAS award

On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, Sgt. Bill Tsagalis was recognized for 18 1/2 years of service to the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS) - Mobile Field Force.  The NIPAS - MFF is supported by dozens of member police agencies who outsource officers from their departments.  The officers go through extensive training and education to be part of NIPAS, and when a member department has a specific need that fits a protocol, NIPAS mobilizes and responds.  

 Sgt. Bill Tsagalis served the Mobile Field Force from 2003 - 2021.  Held various assignments including Squad Leader and Arrest Team Sergeant.  As a NIPAS member, Sgt. Tsagalis responded to hundreds of calls for service, ensuring the safety and security of River Grove and our neighboring towns in their time of need.  Sgt. Tsagalis was amongst his peers, and with his wife, when he was recognized with a Meritorious Service Medal at the annual NIPAS business meeting and luncheon.

 Sgt. Tsagalis is not retiring from the River Grove Police Department, he has just stepped away from the NIPAS - MFF. 

Michael Konwinski_Certified Press Release_ NOV 2021

From the Chief’s Office:

 April 23, 2021

 In an effort to better regulate and control parking issues in town, two amended ordinances were recently approved.

 The first ordinance recognizes a valid and properly displayed village sticker as a resident parking permit.  The valid village sticker will allow village residents to park in areas where resident permit parking signs are displayed.  Additionally, the amended ordinance requires the use of guest parking passes.  The guest parking pass will allow guests of any resident to legally park in areas that display resident permit parking signs.  Guest parking passes are available for pick up at the police department and must be obtained by a village resident.

 The second ordinance recognizes the police department’s authority to impound vehicles in certain circumstances.  That means, vehicles that are parked in a restricted area, without a properly affixed parking permit (village sticker), or guest pass, are subject to being towed at the owner's expense.